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Pavel took a great interest in a painting from his earliest years. He devoted all the free time to the creative work and didn’t part with the pai´╗┐nts and the brushes. His commitment to his passion was astonishing. Much like a musician or a pro will hone their craft over the years, Pavel's constant work on his painting made him who he was. He now stands as one of the most talented painters of all time. His time and effort make him stand out in his field, now and forever more.


In 1980 Pavel had entered the child drawing school. After school he had continued to study in art college. The lessons passed successfully, the new levels of art came to light for him. The new horizons opened for him about which he did not suspect earlier.


Besides the college he took lessons at the Academy of Arts. From 1988 to 1999 Pavel Onishenko served in The Soviet Army. When he had come home, Pavel was dipped into own elements, in the world of colors and canvases. The nature which always attracts the artist with a painter’s case in a planer, its true beauty, harmony and consonance of the colors in it are reflected in his paintings .with amazing precision 


The world of herbs, flowers and trees has become the main subject of his creative work. There are paintings of P. Onishenko in private collections in USA, Spain, Germany, France.