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Дмитрий Литвинов
14.08.2009, 20:50
а где в луганске находится салон твой ??
D. Sanders
04.04.2009, 23:47
Do you have a book of your work I can buy? And an email list I can join? Please let me know.
Your work is gorgeous. All the best to you.
serega (не русский)
24.12.2008, 00:58
привет Димон! посмотри
Stephanie Atchley
24.11.2008, 03:39
I am currently working on a report for my art major 1 class, about an artist who inspires us, and I recently found your work. I think that you are a very great artist, you inspire me to continue my art and to possibly pursue a career in art.
dwell Hadden
10.11.2008, 22:06
Дима, добрый День!
Послала я «Одноклассники»… мой email:
Твоя землячка.
08.11.2008, 09:51
Дима, привет!
Не могу выйти в «одноклассники» требует авторизации, ни как не могу зайти под своим именем…
Сайт у тебя какое-то время «висел» сейчас наконец можно написать сообщение. У меня всё нормально, изменений вроде бы и нет, а вроде бы и много… :
Опять меняю работу
Наши встречи с милым совсем сошли на НЕТ. И всю работу которую я для него делала- отправила ему…
У Димули всё нормально, ездит по заграницам с завидной регулярностью…
Женька пашет на своем нелегком педагогическом фронте и учится. Я им очень горжусь…
Вот такие у меня дела….
Devin Tanguay
23.10.2008, 00:53
Hi Dmitry Shtyka,

I\\\'m a fan of your artwork!

My name is Devin Tanguay, for the past couple of years I’ve been traveling Canada everywhere from the Atlantic, pacific, arctic ocean and arctic circle and everywhere in between, working short term jobs, volunteering on various communities and community centers and contemplating ways to create a cultural evolution- a righteous but an ostensibly necessary thing. I\\\'m an artist interested in fostering communities of artists internationally. The project I\\\'m involved with is called The Browndwarf Compendium and the website is where you can simply enjoy artwork. I\\\'ve contacted you because your artwork is inspiring!

We are working on and a business plan to be an independent art agency responsible for getting artists in touch with publishers and producers.

Essentially The Browndwarf Compendium is group of artists that have come together for the purpose of providing the public with surreal art in order to stimulate the imagination. We consider stories and other kinds of art invaluable forms of communication. We are working to elicit collaboration. Our website, is in a constant flux development thanks to my friend and co-creator Chris Risewick, in order to bring together more compulsive artists as well as a larger audience which will allow us to begin printing an online magazine with a nominal fee. The magazine will be comprised of many different kinds of art! We provide anyone interested in contributing a profile and portfolio on the website as it\\\'s our intention to make it a website for those involved. Our intentions:

-Creating a community of artists actively interested in one an others creations,
-Facilitating various kinds of collaboration
-Developing an online magazine dedicated to surreal art
-Offer services to publishers and produces

We\\\'re about organizing events and gatherings for other artists

A general outline of such a gathering is:

-Discuss promotional and business plans
-Discuss what Browndwarf Compendium is about and what the plan for its evolution is
-Read writing whether your own or from a favorite author
-Constructive criticism
-Introduce premises and philosophical dilemmas for stories
-Brainstorming and relating personal experience and insight on given topics
-Share other art forms if available
-General discussion about art

Currently the collaborative project on the table so to speak is called Mandragora, which is an imaginary place. A description/overview of what it\\\'s about is provided on the main page entitled \\"Mandragora an introduction\\". There have been five stories that take place there which are accessible from the website also. We plan to have many more and many kinds collaborative projects.

If you have any samples of your work that you\\\'re willing to share with us we would be honored to post them as well as provide you with a profile and portfolio that includes a brief bio and self portrait/picture of yourself.

Devin Tanguay
12.10.2008, 13:18
Мой тел. на главной странице, звоните!
22.09.2008, 11:55
как с вами можно связаться? интересует стоимость вашей работы
11.07.2008, 10:46
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