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Scott Matthews
30.04.2018, 10:21
I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word \\"commerical\\". Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website\\\'s credibility. In the past I\\\'ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

-Scott Matthews Sr
Dmitry Shtyka
13.12.2017, 15:03
Пожалуйста, пишите на мой я скорее смогу вам ответить.
10.12.2017, 23:32
Сколько стойт у вас тату ?
24.09.2017, 13:29
Hello. I`m gonna take a trip from Vladivostok to Belgium this year. I\\\'m interested in making tattoo which is based on my skatch.
Karola Loke
23.04.2017, 18:13

Dear Dmitry,

2010 we got from you the permission to use your beautiful images for our forum PhotoImpact Bastelforum.

5 weeks ago the owner of it passed away and we switched the forum to

Visitor login:
Username: Kuenstler
Password: Zugang01

Are you please so kind to give use a new permission so we can further on work with your wonderful images?

Best Regards
18.03.2017, 21:32
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09.11.2016, 00:24
Здравтвуй , Вы сейчас в Бельгии?
Sania Lorison
06.06.2015, 12:38

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Ryan Murtha
09.04.2015, 17:11

I am an amateur researcher living in St Louis. In 2008 I stumbled on a discovery when I noticed the odd posture of Leonardo\\\'s Bacchus/John the Baptist- pointing with both hands. Remembering that the hexagon grid, which Leonardo used elsewhere, can be indicated by the first two points used in its construction with a compass - the first two points determine the entire grid - I cut it out and went to work. Eventually I found many examples of paintings done this way, some of which are attached. Because this extends to later painters like Manet and Dali, it would seem that some group is preserving and transmitting this knowledge - I can\\\'t speculate about that.

Until recently I had no theory as to how this was done on larger works; but the other day I had a Eureka moment. I was thinking about Seurat\\\'s Grande Jatte. It is nearly seven feet by ten feet. There are two index fingers visible, one holding a pipe and one holding a cigar. When you use those two points to draw a grid with a compass, it fits too well to have been an accident.

So, how did he do it? Did he have a giant ten-foot-tall compass? No, all you would need is a piece of string. Simply pin one end to one point (in this case the cigar-index-finger on the right side), extend the string to the other point (the pipe-index finger on the left), then draw a chalk or charcoal circle (it must have been a very large piece of canvas, or rather a large room with canvas on a portion of the floor). You can then use the string just like you would a compass, marking the points on the circumference; since the radius is the same length as the distance between the points around the circle, it would be easy. Then rub the string with charcoal and stretch it out to get the straight lines, snapping it on the canvas. I haven\\\'t tried it out or heard of this technique elsewhere, but it seems plausible.
05.05.2014, 15:23
Привет, интересует тату на всю спину, в одном цвете, абстракция.
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